Thursday, 25 February 2010


Seattle is spectacular in the sunshine, and for 3 of the 4 days I was here it was glorious. Mount Rainier was always a little hazy, but the Olympic mountains were stunning. It was sunny and warm and didn't feel like February at all. Even the cherry trees were confused and began to bloom. The last day it started raining, in case I had forgotten.

  • Pike Place Market (thanks to Erin and Meaghan)
  • Washington State Ferries (thanks to Betsy)
  • Seattle Art Museum, including a lightning tour of some of Betsy's section and a taste of what's to come in Australia
  • REI - couldn't miss it
  • touring the scenes from my past (thanks to Pete), including Virginia Mason Hospital, which doesn't have a maternity ward any more, and
  • several great meals with family. I managed to see almost everyone who still lives in the Seattle area (sorry I missed you, John), and even a few who don't.

Not bad for 4 days. Thanks, Pete and Betsy, for organizing everything, and everyone else for coming!

Picture: outside Pike Place Market - look, blue sky!


  1. "The bluest skies you ever seen are in Seattle" says the song!
    Yes...the weather cooperated IN FEBRUARY (!!!!), the family came out from all their winter corners and it was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to see you and spend time with you. We were delighted you traveled even further west and spent the night with us (Yogi sends you a big woof although is sure you are very, very wrong about turkey being bad for dogs). We promise fresh oysters from the beach next time. Continued safe, fun, enlightening travels. Return soon. Love -- Betsy & Mickey