Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Got to Lima on Friday. It's hot and sunny, with a nice cool breeze coming from the ocean. The parks and beaches are full of families, cyclists, skateboarders, the water is full of surfers. It's clean, with lots of green space and cycle paths. There is a lot of traffic, honking all the time, and it's very dusty and very dry, but overall I really like it. I knew coming back would be interesting, but I didn't expect it to be so pleasant.
My old school is closed for the summer and my house, though still there, looked pretty empty. I had lunch at my favorite restaurant, the Costa Verde, right on the beach. It has changed, but the white sky and grey, thrashing water were the same as I remember.
Yesterday I took a trip down the coast to Pachacamac, a 1500 year old Inca and pre-Inca archaeological site. It's in the desert and the sky was overcast, and it is close to one of the poorer parts of Lima. Overall it was much more like the Peru I remember. I think I'll see more of that as I head north up the coast today.
Pictures: Central Lima (in the sunshine!). With cows.

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