Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Since it was the first place in Peru to declare independence from colonial Spain, Trujillo is now the capital of the province of La Libertad (Freedom). Scattered around town you see buildings with names like High Court of Freedom or Central Bank of Freedom. They have a revolutionary vibe that appeals to me.
Trujillanos also seem to have quite a sweet tooth. Every third shop is a "dulceria" selling cream cakes, flans, meringues and cookies, each more impressive than the next. A lot of them come in bite-sized versions too, so you can try as many as you want. I like it here.
There's culture, too. I went to see Chan Chan and la huaca de la luna, two pre-Inca archaeological sites nearby. Both of them are pretty amazing. I don't think anything I designed will last that long. Perhaps I should be glad.

(Picture: inside Casa de Urquiaga, a colonial mansion that now also serves as a bank)


  1. the blue wall color is beautiful, quite delicious (if a color can be described as such). Love it against the dark wood.
    oh, and the sweets sound pretty delicious as well).